Nanoceramic Technology

For Decades, auto detailing a vehicle’s exterior consisted of a wash, sometimes buffing/polishing the paint, and then a wax or sealant.  Let’s face it, the waxes and sealants don’t last very long because they are are not designed to withstand the harshness of the elements. They either wash off or melt away in the hot sun requiring frequent reapplication to maintain a smooth, shiny paint.  Autoflections Car Detailing is now changing the way your vehicle is protected from those elements with the ULTIMATE PROTECTION of nanoceramic coatings. It is a REVOLUTIONARY, extremely hydrophobic technology to protect the paint of your car as well as providing resistance to exterior scratches and chemicals used in the environment.  We have two products offering 6 month protection to a guaranteed 3 year protection!


Exterior Paint



Leather Upholstery

How it Works

Ceramic Coatings provide a hard barrier between your car’s exterior paint and the environmental contaminants.  The coatings consists of a molecular compound paired with Silicon Dioxide or better know as liquid glass.  It provides a CLEAR glass-like coating on your vehicle to protect it from the harsh UV rays , acid rain, bird droppings, bugs from the late night summer drive, as well as tar from the road.

Why do I need this?

We are going to be honest, Ceramic Coatings is not for everyone but it is for enough of you that we investigated the process and trained ourselves to be the best.  Ceramic Coatings is an investment into the protection of your vehicle and we do not do something unless we can be the best at what we do.  This is also why we offer a 6 month protection option as well as a guaranteed 3 year protection so that we can accommodate various budgets.

The technology is REVOLUTIONARY and we have been amazed at its ability to resist scratching. Now, if someone keys your car or it gets hit by the shopping basket at the store, its going to leave a mark. However, the coating will provide resistance to regular maintenance wash marring or spider web looking marks that show up from the car washes that are so convenient to take our cars through.

The coatings are also extremely resistant to the changing weather patterns.  Extreme temperature change is a paint exterior killer. Regular waxes and sealants are no match to the heat of the summer, especially in Oklahoma.  Ceramic Coatings are unaffected by the sun and it’s UV rays and offer incredible shine and gloss while preventing premature oxidation of the paint. Rain and water also roll right off the paint giving the vehicle a self cleaning aspect that we have never seen before in a paint protection.

If you are someone that, after reading this, says to yourself “I want scratch resistance, hydrophobic, UV protection on my car”, then I would encourage you to take a look at our prices or give us a call so that we can talk about the needs of your vehicle.


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