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Today, you can get pretty much whatever you want delivered at your home. Even a car wash with Tulsa Car Detailing! Indeed, mobile car wash and Tulsa Car Detailing are absolutely a new thriving market solving a problem that most of you must have experienced once: going to the car wash is too long and inconvenient. And yet, you want to have a Tulsa car detailing once in a while. This is what we do at Autoflections Tulsa Car Detailing, solving this pain by bringing the car wash to you and be the modern on-demand application for mobile auto detail.

However, you may sometimes want to detail your car yourself. Whether it is because you are a car enthusiast or simply because you need to save some money, detail his own car is a pleasure that even our app will not take from you! Working day to day with our detailers, we have learned a lot on mobile detailing. Let us give you ten good behaviors to have when detailing your car at home Tulsa Car Detailing.

1. The correct supplies for the right Tulsa Car Detailing !

I have come across people detailing their car with no experience. And the first error they usually make is to take whatever they can find under their kitchen sink – used towels, window cleaner, and soap of any kind – to wash their Tulsa car. Luckily for all our Tulsa detailer friends, this is certainly not how you’ll make your car shine and protect your paint. Having the right supplies is of supreme importance.

You have to be eager to spend money on purchasing the right products and tools. Our piece of advice is to go with a waterless car wash. With only $50 you can buy enough microfiber towels, interior Tulsa car detailing, and exterior detailing products to wash your car two to three times.

2. Look at tutorials on how to detail your Tulsa car detailing

If detailing a car was that stress-free, it wouldn’t be a $8B market only in the US right? Washing a car needs some real abilities. Don’t worry; you can still do it yourself. Start by looking at a couple of tutorials on the web. Study how to put on wax, how to clean leather car seats or even how to eliminate bad odors from your inner car.

3. Only use two buckets of water to wash your Tulsa car

Most think they have to cover their entire car under water to wash their car and do Tulsa Car Detailing. You do not have to do that to wash your Tulsa Car. First, you can choose to do a waterless car wash on your Tulsa car while doing a Tulsa Car Detailing job.

If you feel like your car merits water, use two buckets instead of only one. Continuously keep one bucket with unsoiled water. When washing your Tulsa car, rinse the towels in the first bucket to remove the dirt and then rinse in the clean one. Then, dip your towels in the clean water bucket to go back on your car without any leftovers from the previous wipe down session. Tulsa Car Detailing is here to serve you.

4. Microfiber towels for the win with Tulsa Car Detailing!

How many times have you seen others wash their car with old rags? How many times will I repeat that your car needs more love than that? Joke aside, using old towels can damage your bodywork and your paint and even leave scratches if it is too dirty. All of our Tulsa Car Detailing detailers use Microfiber towels of different color whether they are washing the exterior, cleaning the window, doing an interior wipe down… Likewise, you may need to wash your microfiber towels after each wash and not with your regular laundry to keep them as new as possible.

5. Thoroughly clean your interior first before bringing it to us, your Tulsa Car Detailing

A lot of people see the Tulsa car wash and Tulsa Car Detailing as a way to make their car shine and restore their bodywork. That is half of what a real Tulsa Car Detailing. Doing an interior Tulsa car detailing is as important as doing an exterior detailing. When detailing your Tulsa car, our detailers always start by the interior, with a thorough vacuum and a wipe down of the dashboard, wheel, gear shift… Also, be cautious to eliminate all the trash that you can find especially under the seats as they might produce mold in the car that you would have troubles removing.

6. Tulsa Car Detailing  – Wax is everything!

I could not insist more on how important it is to wax your car from time to time. In addition to giving a shiny look to your exterior, it will protect your paint from being damaged by road dirt, hot sun or minor scratches due to small collisions. Waxing a car does not require to be a pro detailer, and it can be done by yourself with the right supplies. To put on wax, you will need a detailed applicator or buffer as well as a microfiber towel to remove the wax.

7. Stay aware of the health of your bodywork of the cars you work on Tulsa Car Detailing

You may want to check if your client’s car is scratched from time to time. Indeed, it is subject to many pollutants as time goes by that can finally damage it. There is an easy way to know whether or not your car needs some polish. Put your hand inside a plastic bag and feel the bodywork of the car. If it feels rough, it means that you have dirt embedded. To eradicate it you need to do what we call a Clay bar treatment. It is pretty easy to do it yourself when you know how to but it is also easy to scratch your car if you go wrong about it. Tulsa Car Detailing – Our best piece of information would be for you to call a Tulsa Car Detailing to your home to do it for you or at least show you how to do it.

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